Building a sustainable community of Internet of Things practitioners through meetups, community events, hackathons, and open source hardware and software.

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We organize the Internet of Things DC meetup, a community of more than 4,000 professionals in the Washington DC area who are involved in the emerging Internet of Things.

Community Events

We're a proud member of the Washington DC area technology ecosystem and participate in a variety of community events as speakers, sponsors, community partners and attendees.

Open Source Hardware & Software

We foster, use and contribute to open source projects involving software, hardware and data.

Open IoT Networks

We are leading the rollout of The Things Network in the Washington DC region. The Things Network is an open crowdsourced LoRaWAN network for transmitting IoT data over long ranges.

Community Hackathons

We organize, participate in, and help judge community hackathons involving hardware, software and open data.

Company Hackathons

Company hackathons bring the excitement and teamwork of community hackathons to your own company. It's a great way to energize your teams and foster creativity -- and it's a great recruiting and retention tool.

We organize one-day Internet of Things hackathons using an assortment of programmable connected devices. It's a cross between a workshop, a hackathon, and a social gathering. Your employees learn new skills and apply their creativity and ingenuity to build cool gadgets they can keep afterwards.

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