We design, develop, build, integrate, test and analyze hardware, software, firmware, communications, cloud computing, and data analytics for Internet of Things products, applications and systems.

Bringing Internet of Things ideas to fruition.

Full-stack, full-lifecycle IoT engineering.

IoT Solution Architecture

We listen to stakeholders, identify business needs and priorities, and find the right technology solutions and data analytics that use sensors and connected devices to deliver real business value.

Our expertise ranges from the tiniest devices to the largest enterprises.

IoT Architecture & Integration

We design, develop and test scalable, multi-tier Internet of Things architectures that tie together sensors, actuators, communications, back-end services, data stores, and data analytics.

The right architecture is critical to IoT success.

IoT Firmware & Embedded Systems

Firmware is software that is "burned" into chips on computer boards so it runs immediately when the hardware is turned on. It performs input/output, signal processing, communications and other functions.

We design and develop firmware in C/C++, Assembly and other languages for speed and control of the hardware.

IoT Application Development

We design and develop IoT applications in a variety of programming languages for embedded computers, gateways, servers, clusters, and mobile devices.

IoT Data Processing Pipelines

Most IoT applications generate and consume lots of data.

We design and develop data collection and processing applications, including real-time stream processing, event-driving processing, and batch processing.

IoT Data Analytics

Raw data needs to be processed and analyzed using a combination of algorithms and analytical techniques to transform noisy raw data into useful, actionable information.

We analyze IoT data and develop techniques to process raw data into useful information and events.

IoT Hardware Development

We design custom circuit boards and electronic assemblies for controlling and interfacing with the physical world.

IoT Cloud Platforms

Cloud computing provides scalable infrastructure and services to implement IoT solutions that can evolve and grow over time.

We use Amazon Web Services, IBM Watson IoT, Ayla Networks, Google Cloud Platform, and other platforms to design & implement scalable IoT applications.

IoT Project Planning & Management

We develop IoT project plans and can help you manage IoT product and solution development projects.

IoT Cost Modeling

We generate cost models and projections to understand the lifecycle costs of IoT solutions.

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